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Texas License to Carry Instructors with many years of experience, Texas Soul will prepare you for the carrying of a handgun. Who would you want testifying on your behalf if it became necessary?

The Texas Department of Public Safety currently requires a minimum of 4 to 6 hours not including range time. Texas Soul classes average 5 hours with range for an original license. The majority of the class is the law and other aspects of carrying a handgun for self defense. 


The license in Texas was called a Concealed Handgun License. They are now called a License to Carry or LTC. The Texas LTC allows you to carry concealed or open carry in Texas. It is also valid in 30 other states for carry under the laws of those states.

Texas Soul classes average 10-15 people not 50 or 60 people crammed into the room!  Texas Soul also has weekday shooting qualifications and Online LTC classes.

Classroom and Range are in Spring, Texas or at Agis Arms in Houston, Texas.


 *You will shoot the same day, unless you schedule to shoot later.

One day, one stop!!!

 *Weekend classes held in Spring, Texas and Houston, Tx. Classes also available to scheduled groups in Austin and San Antonio, Texas

 (Range near classroom on private property)




You can go the State website to fill out you application. Going to the State website will speed up your application process. You pay us for the training and pay the State for the license. For State Fee’s see 

The State requires several instructional areas:

  • Use of Force

  • Weapons Storage and Safety

  • Weapons Laws

  • Non-Violent Dispute Resolution

Practical areas:

  • Range Qualification

  • A written examination with multiple choice and true/false questions.


  • Handgun semi or revolver .22 caliber or higher. 

  • (We have loaner guns if you don’t have a guns at $5 charge)

  • At least 50 rounds of ammo for the gun.

  • Hearing and eye protection. (We have loaners at no charge)

  • Driver’s License or State ID(doesn’t have to be Texas)

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