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Complete Online Course

Study the 4 hour Online License to Carry course & pass the online test. Self paced so start and stop as you like. Progress is saved after completion of each video section.

Demonstrate Shooting Proficiency

  After completing the online course, you will receive an LTC-101 certificate that you will need to bring to the shooting Proficiency. Schedule your Shooting Proficiency with Us or any other LTC Instructor in your area. You will receive range instruction and a 50 round shooting qualification 

Apply For LTC

File the required application for the Texas LTC with the Texas Department of Public Safety. Schedule and complete fingerprints with IDENTOGO. Upload certificate and attach to application.

**This is the Official Online Texas LTC class certified and approved Statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety handgun licensing division. Anyone in the country can take it regardless of where you live. The shooting qualification must take place in Texas.


Who Can Take Our Online Texas LTC Class

ANYONE from ANYWHERE can take our online Texas license to carry class. We are the official online Texas LTC class provider approved Statewide by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Students from all across Texas take our course. You can get the classroom portion of your LTC online with our course and we will give you information to easily access the live-fire exam at a location convenient for you. Immediately upon passing our online class you will be able to download your official certificate of training. This form is needed along with your application.

Is Online License to Carry Class Legit?

Yes! Our class is fully approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety. In 2017, State Legislature passed a bill that allows for the classroom portion of the Texas LTC course to be taught by approved virtual class providers like our team. Please see the law that is referenced below to get more information.  The phone number (512) 424-7293 to the Texas DPS if you would like further verification or need any further questions about the law answered.


We are Certified under TX GC 411.188 & 411.190 to administer the Online License to Carry Course.

If you would like to verify this information with the Texas Department of Public Safety, or have further questions on the legislation, please call 512-424-7293 (Handgun Licensing Program).



Is a CHL the same as an LTC?

CHL (concealed handgun license) and LTC (license to carry) refer to the same license! The name was changed from CHL to LTC in 2016 due to firearms no longer having to be concealed by law.



Range Portion

After you complete our online class you will instantly be able to download your certificate of training (LTC101). You take this certificate to ANY local LTC instructor in TEXAS  or  reach out to us to schedule your in-person shooting qualification. We conduct shooting qualifications in the Houston, Austin, and San Antonio area on various days during the month. Reach out to us via phone or view the schedule. Dates may be requested.  The LTC Instructor will complete the shooting portion for you and range instruction.  Our Instructors will fill out the range portion of your certificate, making the certificate complete and ready to submit to the state.


Exempt From The Range Portion

  • Texas correctional officers (CO’S) are automatically exempt from the range portion.

  • Active duty military or veterans that have within the past 10 years completed training in the familiarization of firearms OR have firearm shooting scores from the military.

  • County Jailers that have completed firearms training as part of their employment.

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